Nas, who's made it perfectly clear that he's all about making a statement, -- see 2006's 'Hip Hop Is Dead' -- released details about his controversial upcoming album, [insert N-word here], in a recent interview with MTV.

"I have a song called 'The Fear,' " he told MTV. "The full title of the record is 'The Fear of the Black Man's D---.' That's some s--- you can get comedy [from], or you can get some seriousness from it when you talk about the barbaric castrations that happened in our past -- which is very serious, nothing to laugh at."

Known for being a little deeper than some of his counterparts, Nas claims the album's sensitive subject matter isn't intended to single out or attack any particular race or ethnic group.

"It's not an attack on white people at all," he said. "It's knowledge; it's understanding for all people. It's not an attack on any race." He adds, "It's about the attacks that have happened to blacks, whites, all ethnicities ... I have a song called 'You a [N-word] Too.'"

Nas also said he's decided to push back the album, which was originally slated for a December release, to February in honor of Black History Month.