Upon learning that a single father of eight was left homeless following a fire, Nas decided to step in and raise money to make sure the family stays off the street.

According to WJLA, an unemployed Washington, D.C. construction worker, Stanley Young, and his eight children were forced to begin living an area hotel after their home burned down. Because of financial issues, they were apparently facing the reality of being kicked out of the hotel on Aug. 13. But not anymore.

Nas, a single father himself, launched a campaign on CrowdTilt to raise money to help the Young family extend their stay and perhaps even afford a down payment on a new home. The total amount of funds raised is at $26,694 and continues to climb every minute. The original goal was $20,000.

In addition to reveal exactly why he was so touched by the story (and who wouldn't be), the Queensbridge, N.Y. rapper wrote the following on the CrowdTilt page:

This is real. It is me. I'm putting in $5,000 myself. Never done something like this, but I have faith that our American community can pull together a miracle for this strong family who needs our help right now.


I know this is just one family out of millions, and we aren't solving a global problem. But I believe that a happy ending to a story like this can be the beginning of something bigger for our communities. Everyone, if they can, should lend a hand to our fellow man in their times of need. We've all been truly blessed, and the least we can do is to pass those blessings forward.

If you would like to contribute to the cause, you can head to the CrowdTilt page. Below, you can watch ABC7's news report on the story.