Back in June 2010, Nas announced that he would be putting out a sequel to his heralded album 'The Lost Tapes,' with enough amassed material to put out two follow-ups to the 2002 release. But after news emerged that he would reunite with Pete Rock for the street-aimed LP, the Queens native hit a snag when he sent an angry email to record execs blasting them for counting the album against his deal. It seems as though his tirade has put the brakes on the project entirely. Recently speaking on the album, the 37-year-old revealed that he's busy focusing on his next studio album, and that he's trying to find the time in his schedule to pay each project the same mind.

"I record a lot of s---. I have recorded a lot of s--- over the years, and the s--- that I ain't put out on albums should be on the 'Lost Tapes,'" Nas said in an interview with The Source. "Because my album, my studio album, my new album is a priority for the label and of course me, to find the time to put out 'Lost Tapes' and then my record, my real record, is what we're up against. It's all this material and trying to get it out."

He continued by explaining that 'Lost Tapes 2,' originally intended for a Dec. 14 release, is currently without a street date. "I got no release dates right now. Nothing to tell people about, just inner workings hopefully to get the s--- out right and get it out soon,' he said.

Nas hinted that the project would finally see the light of day, as he's taking baby steps to complete the LP. "I'm in the studio, taking it step by step. It's not ready yet. I'm taking it step by step because it's so important for me and myself," he said. "I'm in a huge fight with me, so it's important that I get this one right. I don't want to leave no stone unturned on anything I say on this s---."

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