The ongoing battle between Nas and Kelis has now trickled down to custody of their infant son. The former couple appeared in a Los Angeles Court Wednesday (Dec. 9), where Nas was ordered to pay his soon-to-be ex-wife a total of $51,000 per month in spousal and child support. The Grammy-nominated emcee took the stand and requested overnight visits with their son, Knight Jones. Kelis' lawyer, Laura Wesser, countered stating that the Queen's rapper failed to pay child support for the month of December. Nas claimed to have had no knowledge of the delinquency.

Although the custody request has yet to be hashed out, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David S. Cunningham III ruled that Nas must continue to support Kelis, whom he has been paying close to $40,000 a month since July. Nas' financial status was brought up in court as Kelis argued that she is not able to support herself and her child despite signing a reported $175,000 recording contract with Interscope Records. She stated that a large portion of the money would go to her management leaving her with approximately $50,000. The 'Milkshake' singer revealed that Nas however will release two albums next year, which he denied. Kelis also confirmed that the two attempted to reconcile in September, around the same time the former couple were snapped hanging out at a New York City club.

Despite his reported $4 million earnings, mostly from his record deal with Def Jam, Nas has been having some money problems. He owes his manager $700,000 and the IRS upwards of $2.5 million for failing to file taxes in 2006 and 2007. The two wed in 2005 and filed for divorce in April of this year. For now Kelis retains primary physical custody of their son Knight.