Having just passed some pretty big legislation in the Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal Act and 9/11 Health Bill, Barack Obama can count God's Son as one of his biggest fans. "I support my president. I never really had a president, until now," Nas said. "So I look at the president as a real human being and...he is the one that's the chosen one that's here to take care of all our needs no matter what...I just back him and support him, and only he can do these things that the other presidents didn't get a chance to, because they did great things, I'm sure, but this is a different day and age that's crying out for what we need. And my man Barack is the guy to give it to us. He's going to make it work no matter who's against it, 'cause he's really for all people." Yeah, cause that's how politics work. [RapFix]

UK rapper Tinie Tempah hung out out with Snoop Dogg, and talked about proms and whatnot. "I met him about 45 minutes prior to being on stage with him, which was very weird and surreal. However in that short period of time, we ended up talking about his prom night and this particular girl that he wanted to go with. You know, he went outside her house and she'd already gone with someone else and he was all dressed up. So for someone to open up to you like that in the space of 45 minutes; he's a pretty cool person." Life is so crazy. [HipHopDX]