Nike has continued to roll with their recent wave of hip-hop collaborations by enlisting Nas for the launch of their Zoom Paul Rodriguez 4 sneaker series for the company's SB skateboarding line. The new campaign follows RZA's recent work for the brand's 6.0 active sports division, which required him to create unique music mixes for each of the participating athletes. The latest SB campaign finds Nas narrating a video of professional skater Paul Rodriguez as he cruises through New York City on his skateboard.

The Cali-born skater recently revealed that he has been a long time fan of the Queens rapper. "Once I heard 'Stillmatic,' it just caught my ears and then from there I went back and got his whole catalog up until that point," Rodriguez said. "I kind of took that same message that Nas was talking about and that a lot of hip hop artists talk about and I just let that inspire me and motivate me to do something with my talent. That's where I draw inspiration from hip-hop."

Check out Nas' inspirational words in the new Nike SB campaign after the jump.