While the future of his 'Lost Tapes 2' album hangs in the balance, Nas is moving forward with his upcoming 'Life is Good' album, prepping the release of his first single, 'Nasty.'

In an interview with MTV's 'Sucka Free,' the Queens native confirmed that the album is nearing completion. "It's not done. It's almost there. It feels good. It feels like... I'm letting a lot go on this, and I'm happy that I'm here. I'm just a survivor," he said. "I look at a lot of us like survivors. This is music for survivors. This is the keep your hope, to change your mind state when you don't think it's good. It is, man, no matter what. So when they get a taste of it, they gon' feel exactly what it's coming from and they gon' know what it is. Take it from a man who experienced it."

The famed rhymer went on to reveal the title of his first record of the forthcoming LP. "The first joint is called 'Nasty,'" he revealed. "That's what we getting ready to give the world right now. You right on time. We ain't going backwards, we staying forwards though. They gon' see what it is."

Aside from channeling his "Nasty Nas" moniker of yesteryear, the 37-year-old also addresses his very public split from ex-wife Kelis. According to Nas, the subject matter was too important to leave out because "it's all life," but he has learned from all of his experiences, a sentiment he shared when we caught up with him at this year's Billboard Music Awards.

"I love life," he told the BoomBox. "What else am I going to do? There's nothing that gives me the charge that I get making music. I do a lot of other things on the low, but I'm mostly proud of the music."

No word yet on when 'Life is Good' will be released.

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