Forget the Ghostbusters, we're calling Nas for the next crisis.

The Queens rapper is teaming up with Ghostbusters to launch a clothing line in collaboration with his own, HSTRY Clothing. To announce the project, Nas sat down in the Sony Pictures' lot in California to discuss why he ain't afraid of no ghost.

"Ghostbusters is every fun thing you can think of when it comes to the imagination, when you think about the supernatural, paranormal activity," said Nas. "What kid doesn't get inspired or intrigued by ghost stories?"

The Illmatic creator also shared the story of how his mom took him and his brother to see the '80s classic. He was "hype" -- especially after seeing two of his favorite Saturday Night Live comics, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, in it.

But all in all, it's a good business move. "The music industry is going through a drastic change on every level [and] every aspect of it where there are new interesting ways to do things," said Nas. "So I like to be part of that. Remember Sean Jean was a T-shirt and a baseball cap. In my man's Puffy's office and he was like wondering [if it] would work and look at it now. I like getting involved with things in the beginning stages and getting a vision for it and then going for it."

The new move is also in collaboration with the upcoming Ghostbusters film that's inspired by the '80s version. The film, which stars Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy, is slated to hit theaters on July 15.

See Nas talk with HYPEBEAST about the new line in the video above.