Nas rides through New York City's history in the latest commercial for Hennessy.

As part of the "Never Stop. Never Settle." campaign, the rapper reprises his role as a spokesperson and narrates the passage of time while walking through each car of a subway line. From the '80s all the way to the present (take a look at the newspaper headline detailing the downfall of the economy), Nas witnesses the changes all around him -- both good and bad: "the city never sleeps, full of villains and creeps."

Although the visual is only 60 seconds-long, the actually making of the TV spot was a bit more complex and involved. Between the costumes and prop details to the lighting effects on the simulated subway setup, the team behind the commercial did everything they could to make it look as authentic as possible.

"It was only right that I was born to use mics," he states before the clip closes out, showcasing the MC standing in the spotlight onstage. True story.

Go Behind the Scenes of the Nas Hennessy Commercial