When you think of Nas, certain things come to mind: incredible lyricism, boom-bap beats, his historic battle against Jay-Z and his willingness to collaborate with international musicians like Damian Marley. We're betting that acting isn't one of them, but Nasir Jones returned to the screen for the first time in awhile to appear in CBS' current version of 'Hawaii 5-0.'

The rapper, who once intoned "Tell Hawaii 5-0 to catch me at the Pro Bowl," starred in the episode as the evil Gordon Smith -- a computer booster that violates parole and ends up committing a string of crimes to try to stay away from the long arm of the law. The news, which probably would have remained unnoticed by most hip-hop heads, was broken by Questlove while doing a little channel flipping. "Is that Nas on Hawaii 5-0," he tweeted to an entertained Internet.

Nas does have a history with acting, playing bit parts in movies like 'John Q,' 'Uptown Girls,' 'In Too Deep' and 'Ticker.' Of course, his most beloved role is that of Sincere in the Hype Williams movie 'Belly.' In that film, Nas and DMX play two criminals on divergent paths. Nas looks to get back to Africa as an enlightened man, while DMX is on the run, constantly on the brink of a lifetime prison sentence.

Check out his CBS performance below: