A visual for Nas' early summer anthem 'Nasty' was recently shot by Decon's in-house director Jason Goldwatch in Queensbridge and Elmhurst, Queens, and while the video has yet to premiere, the behind-the-scenes visuals recently hit the 'net.

Returning to his old hood with a Rolls-Royce, and guest appearances by brother Jungle, longtime collaborator AZ and 'Notorious' star Antonique Smith ("I'm after the actress who played Faith Evans"), the video looks to be a future favorite.

"First shot, 'Nasty Nas,' he's getting mobbed by everybody, the whole crew's here and uh, we're about three hours behind schedule," executive producer Peter Bittenbender comments in the video.

"Y'all in the Queensbridge projects, home of the brave," said childhood friend Snacks. "Come around here, it's real, man. Ill Will [Nas' best friend] got shot up there and s---, nah mean? A lotta people can't back here, but that's one that can."

Nas' 'Nasty' video is set to premiere shortly. Check out photos and commentary of the shoot here.

Nas is currently hard at work on his highly-anticipated 10th album, 'Life Is Good,' which is due in stores later this year.

Watch the Behind the Scenes of Nas' 'Nasty' Video