Back in June, rapper Nas announced that he had plans to put out a sequel to his fan-heralded 'Lost Tapes,' a compilation of leftover songs released in 2002. But it turns out that the album may never see the light of day.

According to an email from Nas to industry executives at Def Jam released by The Lefsetz Letter, the Queens native has completed recording for the LP and is ready to release it by the end of the year, but the label doesn't want to count it towards his contract fulfillment or give him any money for it.

"I have a fan base that dies for my music and a RAP label that doesn't understand RAP. Pretty f---ed up situation," wrote an angry Nas. "You don't get another Nas recording that doesn't count against my deal ... PERIOD! Keep your bulls--- $200,000.00 fund. Open the REAL budget."

Nas blasted the record label by stating the importance of the sequel to fans, and how his previous imprint Columbia Records didn't understand why he released his first 'Lost Tapes' album but helped it become an important part of rap history.

"I could go on twitter or hot 97 tomorrow and get 100,000 protesters @ your building but I choose to walk my own path my own way because since day one I have been my own man," he wrote. "There is a thing called KARMA that comes to haunt you when you tamper with the aligning stars. WE ARE GIVING THE PEOPLE EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. Stop throwing dog s--- on a MAGICAL moment."

'The Lost Tapes 2,' which previously had a release date of December 14, is set to feature production from Pete Rock. Nas originally intended to release his next solo album in 2011 following the sequel release, though it's unclear if he will still follow through.