Queens rap legend Nas has reportedly signed a deal with publisher Simon & Schuster to release his memoir, 'It Ain't Hard to Tell,' penned in collaboration with Rolling Stone contributing editor Touré.

The autobiography, which is named after a song from his 1994 debut 'Illmatic,' and scheduled for a fall 2012 release, is said to follow in the same vein as former rival Jay-Z's 2010 memoir 'Decoded,' deconstructing Nas' lyrics and providing background and context to the vivid imagery of his songs.

"This is hip-hop history," Touré tweeted on Monday (Sept. 12). "I've been talking to Nas about writing his autobiography for 15 years ... We'll tell his life and deconstruct some songs.

'It Ain't Hard to Tell' will not only explore Nas' music but also his personal life, giving insight into the 'Hip-Hop is Dead' rapper's well-publicized feuds with Jay-Z and conservative talk show host Bill O'Reilly, as well the dissolution of his recent marriage to singer Kelis, his mother's battle with cancer and his relationship with his first baby's mother, Carmen Bryan, who published a tell-all of her own, after Jay and Nas settled their beef in 2006.

"A memoir is about a certain period in your life. An autobiography is about your whole life," Touré tweeted. "Writing a book & a rhyme are different but still it'll be Nas's story & his voice. His great writing ability will be clear."

'It Ain't Hard to Tell' will be published by the Simon & Schuster imprint Atria Books in fall, 2012. Nas' is currently finishing up his 10th album, 'Life is Good.'

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