Maybe time does heal all wounds, or maybe the birth of a new baby does? Either way rapper Nas and ex-wife Kelis, who recently welcomed their first child, may be headed down the road to reconciliation. According to reports, the former couple was spotted getting extra close at a New York City nightclub Monday.

The twosome arrived together at New York hot spot Marquee for a private party. The rumor mill is buzzing that several celebrities were in tow and reportedly saw the pair being much friendlier than in recent months. If the reports are true, this reunion is a far cry from their public battles since Kelis filed for divorce in April.

Nas was ordered to pay Kelis $44,000 per month in child and spousal support. A displeased Kelis retorted that the Queens-bred emcee brings home upwards of $200,000 per month compared to her $13,744. She is asking for over $400,000 in addition to the $44,000 per month.

Leading up to the birth of their newborn son, Knight Jones, Kelis took to her Twitter page to air out her frustrations over her dilapidated marriage. One particular post about cheaters alluded to a possible cause in the couple's dissolution. "This lovely day I would like to touch on cheaters," she wrote. "Why be cowardly, why not go after what you really want? Do people know what they want? Probably not, which just goes into know and respecting one's self. Also we can discuss whores, I mean the nasty, sub-par tricks that participate in the cheating. Well let me say this, both parties are gross. And in reality they deserve each other."

A judge will decide this month if Nas must increase his child and spousal support payments.