Almost a week after dropping the controversial title of his upcoming album, which will now go untitled, Queensbridge emcee Nas will release his N-word titled project as a collaborative mixtape with DJ Green Lantern. "I guess it shows you the power of Wal-Mart and Target," Lantern says in a recent interview when asked about Nas' album title change. "If that was the case, it's definitely scary because it kind of f---s with your artistic vision. But Nas and DJ Green Lantern are coming out with a mixtape called The [insert N-word] Tape. Can't nobody hold that back."

While Lantern blames the fear of major retailers shunning the project, Reverend Al Sharpton credits the community's outrage at the use of the pejorative term in an album title. "I see this as a partial victory," Sharpton said in a recent interview. "The record companies have to consider the downside of using it, businesswise. That would not have happened if we hadn't protested."

According to Lantern, the mixtape will feature exclusive tracks and remixes, including a song dubbed 'Black President' and a new version of 'The Last Real N---- Alive.' The tape will also feature the Saleem Remi produced track, 'Legendary,' which was recorded for the forthcoming Mike Tyson documentary. There's no official release date for the new project.