Between personal and professional growth, NADER has embarked on a "beautiful struggle" through this thing called life. After three years of perfecting his craft in New Jersey, the rising R&B star releases the video for his new single, "Take It Back."

The near-four-minute vid portrays a heartbroken NADER pacing through a black-and-white-themed beach setting - distraught over the one who got away. The visuals kick off with the Lebanese-bred singer drinking a bottle of liquor in a parked car with the windows rolled down, eventually singing to the beat of his somber heartstrings. As the camera highlights a silver wedding ring that may or may not be symbolic to the words of the song, NADER swims through the pain of his heartbreak (which seems to be the result of something he did) and sings, "You gave your heart, but I mistreated it/Oh I was wrong for leaving, yeah/Your words, I should have believed in you/'Cause now, I know I'm needing you."

NADER couples raw lyrics with a lamenting melody for a harrowingly beautiful song detailing his former relationship while wishing he could simply "take it all back now." The singer-songwriter warrants mentioning as part of a new wave of outside-the-box soul artists breaking ground in contemporary R&B. Happy or sad, as NADER delivers a series of quickly-muttered phrases halfway through the song, his falsetto soaring set against a deep auto-tune, it's obvious that "Take It Back" is a touching ballad perfect for any playlist.

Check out the premiere of NADER's new video, "Take It Back," above.