A lot has changed for N.O.R.E. in the past year.

He has his own blog, an upcoming CNN reunion album, and has lost over 65 lbs. through a combination of a vegan diet and exercise, much of which he's documented in a twelve part vlog, "N.O.R.E. On A Diet."

The rapper, whose moniker once stood for "N----s On the Run Eatin,'" ballooned to 310 lbs this past fall, proof of which circulated the net via a photo N.O.R.E. leaked, proudly showing off his Rick Ross physique.

Staying true to his former alias, however, N.O.R.E. has since begun running, and eating, but of course, no animal products. He also began a hardcore workout routine in September and entered into a weight loss competition with fellow rapper Busta Rhymes.

On his vlog, N.O.R.E. admits that his recent health kick is all part of his New Year's resolution. Also, it appears meat isn't the only thing the rapper gave up. "Still haven't had a drink," he confesses. Adding, "Soulja Boy is officially the craziest person on the net!! He got me and Joe Budden's beat by far."

Check out his blog and much more hilarity here.