Queens rap group Capone-N-Noreaga released the sequel to their 1999 classic 'The War Report' this past Tuesday, an album which N.O.R.E. told The BoomBox, he didn't "feel the appreciation for" until recently.

"It's always weird, when I do interviews concerning the first 'War Report,' and people say to me 'this was classic, this was the best record ever,' and blahzay blah," N.O.R.E.told the BoomBox. "It's always emotional for me, because I was on the street, and I was livin' it, and I didn't feel the appreciation then, you know what I mean? I didn't feel the appreciation for the 'The War Report' like, 'til recently, until after the success of my solo career. During the next year that 'The War Report' came out, I didn't receive a lotta accolades, I didn't receive a lotta complements. People weren't coming up to me, telling me it was a classic. You know what I mean?"

The Queens native continued to reveal that the recording process was an "emotional" one, due to the circumstance surrounding the release; Capone was incarcerated for most of the time and a young Noreaga was still living the street life.

"I couldn't listen to 'The War Report' because it brunged up so much pain. and I could just remember, it just reminds me of my best friend being locked up, you know what I mean?" N.O.R.E. intoned. "So now, when I hear people say like, you know, it was a classic, in the back of my mind I'm always sayin,' 'Well, did you buy it or did you get the bootleg?' Because, in the back of my mind I still sold crack during the whole 'War Report.' I still sold crack until I signed the 'N.O.R.E.' contract, you know what I mean? And that was for $850,000, and if I woulda sold another crack, I would have been a idiot. But that goes to show you that I didn't receive much success from the first 'War Report.' Now, 'Pone came home -- and he came home like a king -- so he got to see the benefits of 'The War Report' probably more than me, but I didn't."

Capone-N-Noreaga's 'The War Report 2' is in stores now.