With the launch of N.E.R.D.'s new website comes the opportunity for every fan to live out any life long fantasy of saving the hip-hop trio from an evil space gorilla.
N.E.R.D. has launched the official 'Seeing Sounds' game, drawing on the 80's era of video games where the bits are glorified in 2-D, sided scrolling action. Your task is to pick one of the N.E.R.D's -- be it Pharrell, Chad, or Shay -- and navigate a space station, in search of the other two. Where are they? They've been taken hostage (of course) by said evil space gorilla.

The game is quite easy to pick up; you just need the directional arrows on your keyboard and the space bar to jump, but after playing the game several times, we still weren't able to thwart the gorilla's plans.

How's that done? According to the instructions, "as everyone knows, the only way to defeat evil space gorillas is with Brain Power." That's right. The only way to get the monkey off N.E.R.D's back is to collect the glowing red brains that are strategically placed around the station before time runs out. Whether you're looking to kill some time at work or just tired of all those graphic intensive games, N.E.R.D's 'Seeing Sounds' game is easily the best game involving a hip-hop act and a space gorilla we've played this summer.

And as long as we're talking about artists making video games to celebrate their own albums, it would be nice to see a Lil Wayne edition of Guitar Hero rolled out later this summer with his rock album, 'Rebirth.' One can hope.