Mystikal is back with a different sound for his new song "Robert Deniro." Unlike the last two tracks he released: the James Brown-esque "Hit Me" and the funky pop tune "Feel Right" with Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, the rapped goes for a more street certified banger about getting money on the new effort.

"Robert Deniro," which is a nod to the famed actor, is slated to appear on Mystikal's upcoming album, Strength in Numbers, which he calls a "street record."

The "Shake Ya Ass" rapper starts the song with a villainous laugh before heading into a slew of rhymes about racking up cash. "I get the money," raps the New Orleans native in his signature raspy voice. "I get the fiftys, the multi millions, hundred of thousands /
Might hurt your feelings, when I get billions / Bitch I be clownin’" he continues over the X-file produced beat filled with drums and what sounds like a xylophone.

Robert De Niro is known for playing a mobster in films like The Godfather and Goodfellas so it's a no brainer as to why the actor serves as the title for an ode to getting money. The Let's Get Ready creator also calls out Whoopi Goldberg and Danny DeVito as well in the song. The single is also very similar to Future's "Tony Montana," which is dedicated to the fictional gangster in Scarface.

But Mystikal is a man of many hats and it seems he will keep both sounds of his music coin. In an interview with Vegas Seven, he addressed the snazzy sound he's been sporting since late last year.

"That’s a whole other Mystikal, right there. I have to put a different outfit on. That’s what I needed. Bruno Mars is big, man. And I hadn’t been with an A-list crowd since 'Shake Ya Ass' in 2000. It just felt so good to walk in there, home, like I never left," he said.

We may hear more collaborations between the singer and Mystikal. According to the interview, he'll be going from Cash Money Records to a yet-to-be-named label by Mars. “We’re really close to completing the deal and being the first artist on Bruno’s label,” revealed Mystikal.

Listen to Mystikal's "Robert Deniro"

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