Mystikal Former No Limit rapper Mystikal was released from prison late Thursday evening (Jan. 14) after serving a six-year sentence in Louisiana's Elayn Hunt Correction Center.

In 2002, Mystikal, born Michael Lawrence Tyler, was arrested and charged for forcing his former stylist to perform oral sex on him, with the help of two bodyguards in his Baton Rogue apartment. Although he originally entered a not guilty plea, the rapper was forced to change his story in 2003 when the prosecution presented a video tape of the incident during his trial. Mystikal and his accomplices were slapped with extortion charges, some which were eventually dropped. He reportedly paid the victim $350,000 in a civil suit.

On Jan. 15, 2004 Mystikal was found guilty of sexual battery and sentenced to time in the maximum-security prison where he was denied parole in 2008. The former No Limit Soldier called into New Orlean's Q93 FM for his first post-prison interview yesterday, telling listeners that God had kept him sane through his ordeal. "Man it's been a long time! It had to be God," he said. "I couldn't have done that. Going through it? It was tough. He had His arms wrapped around me tight." He also went on the address the number of rappers being sentenced to time behind bars, saying that he hoped things would change. "We gotta pay more attention to what we're doing our self. That's an easy excuse," he said. "We gotta take responsibility for what we do. We can't be foolish especially when you are blessed and successful. We gotta tighten up"

Although he didn't give any details, Mystikal alluded to the fact that he was ready to get back into the hip-hop game, but this time on a more positive note. "I'm gonna let these knucklehead kids know ... that dog that's barking at them ... he bit me," he said. "I'm gonna be doing a lot of positive stuff." Mystikal hit his peak with No Limit Records in 2000, with the Pharrell-produced hit single 'Shake Ya Ass.'