American-born Islamic militant Abu Mansoor al-Amriki has been presumed dead since March 2010, when Somalian government sources reported him killed in combat in Mogadishu. However, now two new Jihadist rap songs by the Alabama native have surfaced, threatening his homeland and ridiculing the reports of his death.

The Daphne, Ala. native was born Omar Hammami, son of a Syrian Muslim father and American Southern Baptist mother, and secretly moved to Somalia in 2006, where he joined extremist paramilitary group al-Shabaab. In 2009, Amriki began to release propagandist rap songs, extolling the virtues of Jihad and attacking his homeland's presence in Muslim countries.

Though the Somalian government never confirmed his death, the 27-year-old Islamic militant was reportedly killed in action back in March of 2010.

According to 'Send Me a Cruise' and 'Make Jihad with Me' -- the two new rap songs credited to Amriki -- he is alive and well.

In 'Send Me a Cruise,' Hammami praises martyred Jihadists, rapping, "Our killed are in the highest place, while you are in disgrace/ Our killed roam their gardens and mansions with the purest mates/ So train those marines hard -- one shot, one kill/ Head shots, heart shots –- for them it's a big thrill/ A moment's joy, but me, I'm filled with happiness/ Meeting my Lord, faced forward to eternal bliss/ But if not, don't fear, we're coming forth/ Generations taking Jihad as their favorite sport."

'Make Jihad with Me' is an invitation to his fellow Muslim youth in the West, whom he encourages to join him in his effort to attack America and "wipe Israel off the map." "Make Jihad with me, Allah Akbar, get some more booty," Amriki raps. "Attack America now! Martyrdom or victory!"