MursWest Coast rapper Murs is taking on the daunting task of releasing a total 10 albums in just 10 months. The ambitious undertaking begins with the release of his up-coming 'ForNever' album alongside producer 9thWonder, due March 30.

"10 albums 10 songs each in 10 months in the year 2010," Murs wrote via his Twitter page. The massive release will also include a box set, which is set to drop during, you guessed it, the tenth month of the year. "10/10/10 box set will be available," he continued. "Or you can wait till 12/28 for the last piece."

As previously reported Murs was released from his contract with Warner Brothers not long after his debut 'MURS for President,' hit stores. The 31-year-old maintains that he was not dropped but asked to be released from his recording contract, noting that his former label handicapped his artistic expression. "Warner Bros. kind of ... stifled me creatively 'cause I was used to having product flow every year -- touring, album, tour, album, tour, two tours and album," he said in an interview. "I'd do two 60-city tours, something in the summer, then new album. I was a workaholic. They kinda shut me up. I have all this music coming outta nowhere, so I'm ready, and I think this is an ultimate way to kick it off."

Despite backing from a major label Murs is working the underground unit, which garnered him a large following before his record deal. His other music ventures include joining a punk fusion band called the Invicibles and working on music with fellow West Coasters DJ Quick and Terrence Martin. Look out for 'ForNever' on shelves March 30.