As of June 2010, Diddy has some 2.6 million followers on Twitter. Roots drummer Questlove has roughly 1.3 million in tow. With more and more hip-hop artists relying on social networking sites to get news to their fans (also see Jim Jones and Fabolous), MTV -- the network that christened television's first video jockeys or VJs in the '80s -- is looking to hire their first TJ aka Twitter Jockey. The TJ would act as a TV personality, reporting from MTV events, like the MTV Music Video and Movie Awards, but mostly through social networking mediums like Twitter and Facebook.

MTV has already narrowed it down to 18 potential candidates, but is asking its viewers to nominate two more. A series of online competitions over the summer will then narrow the pool down to five, who will then duke it out during an Aug. 8 live broadcast, where ultimately fans will pick the winner.

In an interview with the Associated Press, MTV General Manager Stephen Friedman said the TJ position was "a natural evolution" for connecting with MTV's audience. The New York-based TJ will reportedly receive a six-figure salary.