As manager to her children, Brandy and Ray J, Sonja Norwood is noted for turning them into stars and now she wants to take her magic touch to other aspiring artists. The mother of two launched her very own talent agency, Norwood Talent, complete with a roster of 62 people all itching for their moment in the spotlight.

"We're looking to represent actors and actresses and hope to get some triple threats -- singers, actors and dancers -- on our roster," Norwood told the Hollywood Reporter.

Co-owned by her husband Willie and talent executive Rayva Harrell, who worked on the Nickelodeon show 'All That' and 'The Steve Harvey Morning Show,' Norwood Talent officially launched in March.

As an industry veteran, Norwood's goal is to unearth and cultivate unknown talent. "I'm really interested in finding those diamonds in the rough with untapped raw talent," she said. "Before we officially opened the doors, we sent out a notice and got over 2100 submissions. And I'm very much pleased with what we've done so far -- being in business only a couple of months, we've already booked a couple of movies and commercials.

"I feel like with the 18-plus years that I have in the business, I bring a lot to the clients as far as hands-on experience. I don't think I'm at a disadvantage. And I didn't only represent my kids, but I'm always going to be a mother so I have my motherly instincts and I top that with the experience of a manager."

Norwood's work with her daughter Brandy, catapulted the then-teenager to the top of the music charts in the early years of her career, even winning a Grammy for her 'The Boy Is Mine' duet with Monica. The family took their relationship to the public with the VH1 reality show, 'A Family Business,' which premiered in April of last year and is now heading into its third season.

Watch Brandy's 'Right Here (Departed)'
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