Rappers have been giving shout outs to brands since Run-D.M.C.'s "My Adidas." Then there's Diddy and his self-promoting rhymes about Ciroc. But now, the Macy's-owned company, M, is letting fans in on the most popular brands getting love in hip-hop for the past 20 years.

It turns out Gucci tops the list with a total of 1,067 mentions. The high-end brand can thank Soulja Boy, Chief Keef and, of course, Gucci Mane, for the feat since the rhymers racked up a total of 59 songs with mentions. The Trap House creator fell to second place with 17 songs that mention the brand and his moniker. Soulja Boy tops the list with a whopping 27 tracks that boast the Gucci name.

And since almost everyone loves Jordans, it's no wonder Nike follows right behind Gucci as the most name-dropped fashion brand. Not to mention, Nelly's 2002 ode to his favorite Nike sneaker, "Air Force Ones." But the Country Grammar creator actually placed third on the list of rappers who mention the company the most. With only one song behind, he falls behind Mac Dre and Game, who tied with seven songs that call out Nike. The sneaker brand beats out its competition, Adidas and Timberland, in the sportswear brand department as well with more than double the amount of mentions.

Another high fashion brand, Versace, takes third with name-drops from the likes of the Future, Soulja Boy and Notorious B.I.G. who rhymed "I put hoes in N-Y onto DKNY / Miami, D.C. prefer Versace" in the classic 1997 song "Hypnotize."

Check out the stats below.