Mos Def's Rap Battle ChallengeMos Def, Black Thought, and King Los are calling out the industry!

Posted by TeamBackPack on Friday, August 7, 2015


A week after Drake lyrically throttled Meek Mill, another prominent rapper has issued a challenge to all of the so-called battle rappers in the game. Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) is offering to battle any rapper -- anytime, anywhere.

“Me, Black Thought and King Los versus anybody, everybody, battle anybody, I don’t care who you tell,” he said in a video that has gone viral on the internet. "Tired of these dudes pretending like they dope. You alright but relax...We don’t have to do make no back and forth corny records about it, we can put it on its feet for the world to see...we’ll battle anyone!”

It didn't take long for a response. Chicago rhymer Lupe Fiasco accepted Bey’s challenge through a hilarious photo on his Instagram account. He then added in another photo, "If Mos wanna battle, he can get a whiff of the wrath. And I'm behind all the bars don't need to tap Miller for some genuine drafts."

Clearly, that was a reference to Quentin Miller being an alleged ghostwriter for Drake, which Meek tried to use as leverage in his rap feud with Drizzy.

When Drake fans tried to come for Fiasco, the rapper posted another response to clarify that he wasn't dissing the Toronto rapper. "Drake hive thought that was a diss, but it's clear that its not. Besides, everybody knows that you never put beef in a shot."

There's no word if Yasiin Bey will accept Fiasco's challenge. Either way, this could be an interesting rap battle if it actually goes down.

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