Mos DefMuch has been made of Dame Dash's new recording studio/art commune/graphic design agency/all-around awesome hangout in New York City's TriBeCa neighborhood. A recent article in the New York Observer got some quality inside access to the compound and used Mos Def, apparently drinking a Rolling Rock and chilling, as a source. This was all well and good until Mos called out the piece's writer for making the whole thing up.

"I'm responding to the "Wannabe Warhol" article in which the writer claims that he saw me drinking "a Rolling Rock" and "in the mood to record" after "a few drinks,'" Mos Def wrote to the paper's editor. "For the record, none of that ever happened ... and we both know this, Mr. Levine (if that is your name). I don't drink alcohol, and have never in your company or presence. I spent no more than a very brief moment talking to you, and only after you pleaded with me to do so on more than one occasion where I politely declined."

While D.M. Levine, the reporter, has praised the "poetic" letter, he fully stands by his story and reporting. We find it pretty hard to believe that Mos Def would randomly pick a fight and accuse a journalist of outright lying unless it has some basis, though. Can Levine show us a witness?

"On top of NOT printing what I DID say, you printed what I DON'T do," the rapper continued. "You are telling the people a lie, Mr. Levine (if that is your name), and if you'll lie about something so small, to "add color" to your "piece," what you have to report about me or any person, place or thing is unreliable to say the least."

Your serve, Mr. Levine (if that is your name).