Monica is on a quest for love in the Missy Elliott-produced first single from her seventh studio album, 'New Life.'

With assists from Rick Ross and Lil' Kim, the 30-year-old Atlanta native is returning to the R&B world with a big bang. On the track, which samples the late Notorious B.I.G.'s famed record, 'Who Shot Ya?' Monica opens up, singing, "Like sweet morning dew/ I take one look at you/ And it was plain to see/ You were my destiny," borrowing from Mary J. Blige's 1995 hit, 'You're All I Need to Get By.'

Ross moves into his rapping groove with, "We the big bank boys on the boulevard/ Putting all the pretty girls in the pretty cars/ Thou shalt not f-- with Rosé pockets/ Feel a hundred shots when I pop it..."

"I just want to know if someone's out there, " Monica croons on the '90s-esque midtempo tune. "Somebody to hold, somebody who cares. I'll do anything to find you and when I do, I won't let you go."

Lil Kim enters with a verse more on the heartbroken side rather than the heart-throbbing. "Who shot ya? Pow, I guess it was Cupid/ Golden arrow through the heart, let the blood drip/ Somebody call the doctor 'cause I'm lovesick/ Man, I don' had it with this love s---."

Monica's forthcoming LP, 'New Life,' is tentatively scheduled for an October 4 release.

Listen to Monica's 'Anything (to Find You)' Featuring Rick Ross & Lil' Kim

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