Although we are living in the digital age, there are still some uses for the traditional pen or pencil and paper (writing rhymes, sketching pieces, etc.). Moleskine is doing an excellent of job of merging old and new technologies with cool software tie-ins. The stationery company has launched their Moleskine Smart Notebook app which utilizes Adobe's Creative Cloud.

The Notebook works like this: You draw a sketch in your Moleskine sketchbook, take a photo of it with your iPhone camera, send it to the iOS companion app and it will transform the captured JPG file into a vector file for later tweaking on your laptop computer or tablet.

The images are stored in the cloud and it's easy to access in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

While there are many options to sketch digitally, this is an easy and convenient way to make sure your creative vision is not lost from analog to digital. And at $33, it's a great investment.

You can get the Moleskine Smart Notebook at their official website and get the companion app (iPhone only) here. And no, not even this technology would've helped Canibus in his battle with Dizaster.

[Spotted at Tech Crunch]