Rapper Mod Sun is the newest artist on Rostrum Records, the former label home of Mac Miller. The hippy rhymer, whose name stands for "Movement On Dreams Stand Under None," just released a video for his new single, '1970.'

The clip is a psychedelic trip into Mod Sun's world with plenty of tie-dye shirts, weed and abstract colors.

The rhymer is excited to be on the Rostrum label and is currently working on his new album, which is slated for release in 2015.

“Rostrum thinks the same way I speak on these songs and they know what it’s like to go all out for something you believe in," said Mod Sun in a statement about his union with the label. "That’s exactly why this partnership is so divine to me. This album is like finding magic in the everyday. It makes you realize this is the greatest day you’ve ever lived, and that’s the most important message I can convey."

Reactions to Mod Sun's video have been overwhelmingly positive. Check out the tweets below.