Kanya King, the founder of the Music of Black Origin (Mobo) Awards, took offense to recent comments that holding her trademark show in Glasgow has already backfired due to the city's lack of racial diversity (aka: it's too dang white). She's particularly butting heads with former Mobo panelist Paul McKenzie -- a sharp-tongued music journalist of the sort that Britain loves to produce. He claims that Glasgow "just isn't sexy and it's a very white city," suggesting Leeds, Cardiff or Birmingham as viable alternatives. The 14th annual Mobo Awards takes place this evening, so it's a little late to change things.

"Glasgow is full of great music," explains King. "Glasgow is sexy. We have all the coolest stars coming here. There is real passion for music here."

Unfortunately for King, "coolest stars" appears to be a loose term. Eminem, Kanye West, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Akon and Mariah Carey all received nominations but declined invitations to the event. Even national talent like Dizzee Rascal (criminally underrated) and Alesha Dixon decided to make other plans tonight.

I guess you need to make that lemonade with the lemons you have, though. Chipmunk (a post-Grime upstart) has four nominations along with N-Dubz. Both acts will square off for Best UK Act and Best Song. Keri Hilson hosts along with Reggie Yates from Radio 1.

The show also plans to include what appears to be a bootleg version of the VMAs' Michael Jackson tribute. Tune in tonight to see MJ siblings Latoya and Jermaine perform in remembrance of their King of Pop brother.