Mobb Deep's Prodigy and Havoc are back to their old ways on 'Dog S---,' a new cut that features longtime collaborator Nas. The Queensbridge trio shows off a hood mentality on the cut, which features a brooding beat courtesy of The Alchemist and Havoc as well as mixing by veteran engineer Eddie Sancho.

Sporting a slow-rolling instrumental of creepy piano melodies and light drums, the menacing track shows a post-prison Prodigy on top of his game. "Read the name on it, Mobb Deep/ P and Hav run this, employees get fired with some gunfire if it call for it / A thousand niggas couldn't stop me when it get to goin' / You could have a nation of millions, it still wouldn't hold me back," he spits on the cut.

Nas, who appeared on Mobb Deep's 1995 sophomore album 'The Infamous,' shows up for a brolic verse on the cut. "Yo, every game, every hood's in my veins / It's my thing, it's real, I'm in tune, I chill / Like the cold side of the moon, silence you dudes like an empty room / Empty out with silencers, you get murdered like Albert was in the saloon / Anastasia, that is," raps Esco.

This marks the second track to be released from Prodigy since his release from prison in early March, following the fan-dedicated 'Love Y'all More.'

Listen to Mobb Deep and Nas on 'Dog S---'