The gift-giving season is upon us and while some presents occasionally land in people's laps, most are reserved for friends and family only. Mo Wax knows this and they have bestowed a few of their favorite folks with a pair of uber-exclusive Nike Blazers.

Although you won't be able to get your hands on these kicks, it's cool to just look at the two new crispy colorways that Mo Wax designed for the Nike Blazer. Flushed in white leather or grey nubuck, each one features a debossed side panel to enrich the tonal appeal of either model with a bit of texture. A special dust bag is also included to keep them fresh and clean.

Mo Wax still has a few similar models in completely different colors set for release today (Dec. 11), but again, the pairs you see here aren't available to the general public. In fact, they are actually relegated to numbers so low that only 10 to 20 pairs of them were produced.

So yeah, they are extremely limited. However, for those of you that will persist in trying to find them -- happy hunting!