Comeback kid Demi Lovato has joined forces with Missy Elliott and Timbaland for a new song, 'All Night Long.'

'All Night Long' is the second track to drop from Lovato's third studio album, 'Unbroken,' set for release Sept. 20. The song is this fall's perfect party anthem with beats supplied by hip-hop's famed producer and Elliott's Grammy award-winning rhymes.

The track differs greatly from Lovato's emotional power ballad 'Skyscraper,' showcasing the sillier side of teenage life. "It's about staying up all night long and singing it to the boy that you like, and it's flirty and fun and it's not too grown-up, but it's grown-up enough," Lovato said in an interview with MTV.


Aside from Missy and Timbaland, Demi's upcoming album features a number of collaborations with other artists, from Jason Derulo to Dev.

Listen to Demi Lovato's 'All Night Long' Featuring Missy Elliott & Timbaland

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