So the second episode started off with Lil Wayne Khia catching the "step off" early for getting caught recycling a previously recorded verse for her performance. "Someone behind the scenes just happened to be surfing the web; something possesed homey to peep some of her tunes. So basically somebody snitched on her ass, " Ego Trip's Sacha Jenkins told us. "This here is a prime example of when snitchin' goes good. Out in these streets, these female emcees better respect e.t.," Sacha continued.

With Sea Monster Khia thankfully out of the way (although it might have been cool to hear a couple more of those stellar 16's), Lionezz was invited back, which was exciting for the other English manglers of the world.

Upon Lionezz' return, they played a clip of her describing her upbringing: "In Chermany we have a hood and I was raised in the hood." It's amazing how every time a white person who wants to be a rapper on these shows is always, unpredictably, from some kind of hood.Since Heidi Klum was back on the block, they decided to add a Project Runway aspect to the show, for which the girls bedazzled the s--- out of themselves. Byata came out with a bandanna in her left pocket, which used to be a homosexual signal for a "bottom." The girls then headed out to perform at a ladies-only strip club and managed to seem shocked to find it chock full of lesbians.

Nikki 2 States performed a verse about her "cookie," then took her frustrations out on a blow up doll (?) back at the manse. Sacha Jenkins explained, "Nikki 2 States found a friend and lover at the Fembassy Suites Hotel, which is amazing when one thinks about how few men there are on staff."

Later, Byata got the golf visor crown for free-styling and spewed some serious venom at Chiba with a classic retort: "Keep my name out your mouth!"

For the elimination round, Nikki2Snakes kicked a nursery rhyme that Serch found "subtle." Cherry did some kind of stand-up comedy/spoken word routine that almost left her lookin' at the front door, but D.A.B. finally went home, smiling and appreciative the whole time.

When asked about the future of her career, D.A.B. told us "Of course I'm still rappin, that was just the beginning for me! I'm working on my new cd and posters this week...Just waitin for the right record deal!" She continued to say that she's "also gonna continue to go around and talk/perform at detoxes and rehabilitation centers because I want to be the HOPE for them, that I just couldn't see." Wonder if Nikki will show up to support?

Speaking of which, Nikki had the quote of the series so far with this gem, "Are you you, or are you us? And if you're us then who the hell are we?" Clearly not catchphrase creators of the John Brown caliber.

Respect to the fallen contestants, and we click myspace to they memory: