Miranda Brooke doesn't front about her debut single, 'Hater.' As she explained last month, it's a song about "ugly feelings," namely "jealousy, insecurity and weakness."

All three factor into the tune's just-released video, which finds the Tennessee-born Def Jam signee proving her acting chops, portraying a fashion assistant who suspects her photographer boyfriend is cheating with one of his models.

Brooke, who reportedly patterns herself after Aaliyah and the ladies of TLC, spends the clip pouting and shooting eye-daggers at her statuesque rival. The words pretty much say it all: "Now she gets the best of you, while the rest of you is left back with me/ She don't have a clue just what to do with you/ I don't like her, I'm a hater/ You're in love, I'm alone, it's not fair/ She gets the good guy, I got the player."

"You treat me like I'm nothing out here," she tells her man toward the end of the video, as the music gives way to a bit of dialogue, and while he assures her that he's not messing around, the closing second reveal him to be a liar.

The visuals end with a close-up of a flaming photo, perhaps implying Brooke has taken another page out of the TLC playbook and made like Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, who famously torched boyfriend Andre Rison's house in 1994. Hell hath no fury like a hater scorned!

Watch Miranda Brooke's Video for 'Hater'
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