Miles Davis bassist Michael Henderson made headlines last week when he sued Snoop Dogg for illegally sampling the song 'Riding' from his 1979 album 'Do It All' on a mixtape. But Henderson isn't just stopping there. More details have emerged on a separate lawsuit filed against rapper Murs and producer 9th Wonder. Henderson claims that they illegally sampled him on '3:16 Pt. 2,' a track used to promote the duo's fourth collaboration album 'Fornever.'

The track, sent to blogs for free download in February 2010 prior to the album's April release, also samples Henderson's track 'Riding.' Though the terms of the suit haven't been disclosed, Henderson was seeking an unspecified amount of damages for copyright infringement, unjust enrichment and unfair competition from Snoop Dogg, demands that are believed to be the same given the similar nature of the suits.

Suits of these kinds are usually unsubstantiated, as under U.S. copyright law and fair use, an artist can't be sued if they are not directly profiting from a song that samples another recording. Murs and 9th Wonder can defend themselves by citing fair use, in which an artist can claim that he or she did not cause significant financial harm to the original copyright holder.

Murs might have better luck with his upcoming releases. The Cali native previously announced that he would release 10 albums this year, with each LP containing 10 new songs. The emcee has nine more releases to put out, with 'Fornever' serving as the sole album he has dropped in 2010.