'Girls Like You' crooner Miguel promised a sophomore release in 2012, and to whet fans' appetites, has debuted the first of three micro EPs, 'Art Dealer Chic Vol. 1.'

The three-song free download, which was produced almost entirely by Miguel, features his electro-influenced love ballad 'Adorn,' 'That I Do (FTRMX)' and grooving closer 'Gravity,' our favorite track on the EP.

Download 'Art Dealer Chic Vol. 1' for free by clicking here. Vol. 2 and 3 are said to arrive on the 27th of each following month.

"Think electronic hip-hop meets classic rock meets great songs," Miguel said of his new album. "I'm excited to discuss a few topics outside of the romantic experience, but still keep it very relatable."

Listen to Miguel's 'Gravity'

Watch Miguel's 'Quickie' Video
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