Migos take ratchet to new levels with the music video for their summertime smash, 'Versace.'

The video does not feature a cameo from Drake, who helped propel the song into the mainstream with his remix. However, around 3:30 into the video there is a brief cameo of Donatella Versace, the sister of Versace founder Gianni, seated on a couch.

Meanwhile, about halfway through the video, there is a brief snippet of another Migos song, 'Hannah Montana.' This portion of the video shows a group of white girls swarming the three members of the Atlanta rap group, clad in all-white and twerking. After this short interlude, the scene goes back to the lavish mansion with its Renaissance-style ceiling frescos, as 'Versace' plays.

Migos has re-released their mixtape 'Y.R.N.' in July, this time for sale. Both 'Versace' and 'Hannah Montana' appear on the retail version of the project. Now that 'Versace' has an accompanying music video, will the remix receive a similar visual treatment? Well, by the time it would come out, it might be too late.