It's a huge honor when a respected veteran producer from your city asks you to remake one of his song as a way to officially pass the torch.

That's exactly what producer Jermaine Dupri did when he tapped Migos for 'New Atlanta,' a remake of his 2002 hometown anthem 'Welcome To Atlanta.' The song also features fellow ATL comrades Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan.

Lyrically, everyone stays true to the game plan of letting people know what the Atlanta lifestyle is like for the current generation of hip-hoppers.

"I had the desire we startin' empires Givenchy attire / I'm trappin' they think I live in 'The Wire' / I had to flood out my new Audemars drop in the ghost / Scaring n----s like Michael Myers / F---ing your bitch, pass her around like a flyer / All the little kids lookin' at me admired," raps Migos' Offset, over a beat that uses the piano riff from the original version.

And besides maybe Future, Rich Home Quan is arguably the best person to sing an anthemic hook for the Dirty South. Plus, Dupri throws in a little rant that really brings the cut home.

"Motherf---ers hatin' and s--- / Motherf---ers still movin' out here and s--- / It's still love in this motherf---er / And n----s think this s--- gonna stop / It ain't never gonna stop," yells the So So Def founder.

Producer Murda creates keyboard driven backing music for the vocalists to go in over, and all of them do a fine job of making the song sound uncluttered, which is not an easy feat considering there's bunch of rapper swapping verses.

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