Rap shows can get crazy. Remember Action Bronson body slamming a fan in May? The latest in rap-related chaos comes from Migos during a concert in Springfield, Mass. Things got out of hand when member Offset flew into the crowd and started throwing punches.

While there's a lot going on in the video above, you can find Offset, who's wearing a black long-sleeve shirt with some gold peeking out of his collar, staring intently into the crowd. While it's apparent the rapper has his eyes set on someone in front of him, what happens next comes as a complete surprise. At the 20-second mark, he jumps off the stage with his fist in the air and lands into the crowd, fighting his target.

Upon landing, the crowd starts to shove each other around and punches are clearly thrown. The brawl only lasts for 20 seconds or less as people try to separate the rapper from the person he intended to hit. Then the show continues as the beat changes.

There's been no information on what sparked Offset's reaction, but Vlad TV reports that a fan was bad-mouthing the rapper, which inspired him to throw down.

Check out Migos mania above.

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