Migos is a trio out of Atlanta that has come from obscurity to having one of the biggest tracks of the summer, 'Versace (Remix).' Two of the members of the group (Takeoff and Quavo) spoke to MTV News about how that song, which also features Drake, came about.

According to Migos, they had been hearing that Drake had wanted to do a track with them for weeks leading up to the eventual collaboration. However, the group was skeptical of these early signs that a collaboration was imminent. And then on June 15, the group bumped into Drake backstage at Hot 107.9 Atlanta's Birthday Bash. Not only did Drake tell them personally how much of a fan he was, he started naming standout selections off their recently released 'Y.R.N.' mixtape. From there, Drake tacked on his verse to 'Versace,' and the rest is history.

While the success of 'Versace' has definitely brought Migos to the mainstream, the group had been generating an intense buzz with the release of 'Y.R.N.' earlier in June. Their unique hook technique of simply repeating words or phrases in a frenetic manner and incredible beat selection has propelled other songs like 'Bando' and 'Hannah Montana' into the conversations of tastemakers and fans everywhere. Now that the project has come out, it will be interesting to see where Migos goes from here. Watch the interview below.