Migos have finally been reunited as a trio and wasted no time getting in the booth together. On Tuesday (Dec. 8), the Atlanta group delivered the Zaytoven-produced banger, "Case Closed."

Offset was released from jail last week after accepting a plea deal stemming from the group's arrest in April on weapons and drug charges. His deal legally closes that case and the song does so sonically as well.

"Migo gang back and you better go hide where ya momma be" gets shouted out during the chorus over this vintage sounding Migos track as Quavo, Takeoff and Offset trade verses about this "minor setback before a major comeback." The threesome sound mad hungry and pissed about the time they spent apart over Zaytoven's sprinting high hats and creepy, twinkling synths.

Offset comes out blazing especially on the track documenting some of his time inside, rapping "Sat on a bunk read a book while I vent / Couldn't do a show but I got my percent / Felt like I lost it but I got it back." Then knowing that jail is going to be a thing of his past, he adds, "Swear to the lord I'm not going back / Back on the road 80 thou we need that!"

Check out Migos' "Case Closed" song below.

Listen to Migos' Song "Case Closed"

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