Quavo and Offset of Migos drop a visual for their boombastic cut, "Aight," in which they get their stunting on within the confines of a hotel room.

The clip opens up with jewelry, thick wads of money, designer shades and buds of marijuana on top of a hotel dresser. Quavo scoops up the money and lights his blunt before getting into the thick of things. "This rap s--- changed a n---- life / M&M's, M&M, counting up hundos, aight," he raps.

He also shines on the opening verse. "Y.R.N. the label, we on the run, commit to the team and I'll buy you a charm / Secret Service Migo uniform, blowing up like a nuclear bomb," he rhymes while bopping around and turning up.

We only get eight bars from Offset, but he makes due with the time allotted and doesn't disappoint, doing damage with his machine gun-like flow and leaving the listener wanting more when the video abruptly ends.

Being that Migos are so big at the moment, we'd like to think Paul McCartney felt the need to collaborate with Kanye West to defend his and the Beatles honor. The rap trio's forthcoming album, Y.R.N. 2, will likely cause a riot on the net, which will be totally worth the commotion, of course.

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