"This is my second draft," former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams told the BoomBox of her new album dubbed 'Unexpected,' due in stores August 12.

The singer admits to having a completed project until her mother called her out for sticking to her old sound. "These kids need something to dance to," Williams' mother said after hearing her first draft, which was less of the bass-heavy, dance tracks she eventually recorded for 'Unexpected' and more of her former soulful, gospel sound.

Her mother's retort gave the singer the courage to go back in the studio and record tracks that represented her fun, playful side. "She gave me that permission," the singer explained. "It opened me up. Nobody can say anything because my mother told me I can do it." Williams went on to joke about her love for all genres of music and she admitted feeling like she's often pigeonholed as just a gospel artist or one-third of the best-selling female group. "I love all types of music, so if I wanna do bluegrass ... that's what I'll do!" Williams joked.