Well after a year following Michael Jackson's sudden death, the drama continues. The King of Pop's mother, Katherine Jackson, has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Michael's children against concert promoter AEG Live, claiming that the company didn't offer proper physical care and that they were negligent in hiring Dr. Conrad Murray to look after him.

"AEG did not provide a doctor who was truly looking out for Jackson's well-being and did not provide equipment," read the court filing, which claimed that AEG's contract "created a legal duty for AEG to act reasonably toward the physical well-being of Michael Jackson."

The suit also purports that Prince, Michael's son, was victim to emotional distress after witnessing his father suffer at the hands of Dr. Murray. "He was put in a position as bystander to these tragic events," says the filing.

And while it may seem as though the Jackson family might be looking to cash in on tragic circumstance, Brian J. Parrish, the attorney who filed the suit, explains that it's intended to lift the veil on who was actually behind Jackson's untimely death. "The purpose of this lawsuit is to prove to the world the truth about what happened to Michael Jackson, once and for all."

In other Jackson related news, lawyers for Dr. Murray asked a federal judge yesterday to dismiss the wrongful death suit filed against him by Jackson's father. They defedents reasoned that Joe Jackson is not a beneficiary of the singer's estate, as he was omitted in the late pop star's 2002 will. The judge is set to respond on the subject at an Oct. 18 hearing.