Michael JacksonAccording to newly released FBI files, Michael Jackson underwent over 13 years of monitoring by the FBI, and was at the center of investigations for possible assassination and terrorist plots.

The FBI files were released on Tuesday, Dec. 22 and date from 1992 through 2005. Of a total 600 page only 333 were made public, the remainder of which were held back to protect the bureau's techniques.

The files reveal that Frank Paul Jones, a man who was obsessed with Janet Jackson, was arrested on Jackson family property in 1993 and sentenced to two years in prison for "mailing a threatening communication." Jones was also tied to death threats made against mobster John Gotti and former president George Bush.

"I decided that because nobody is taking me serious, and I can't handle my state of mind, that I am going to Washington, D.C. to threaten to kill the President of the United States, George Bush," Jones wrote in a letter seized by the FBI. "Michael [Jackson] I will personally attempt to kill, if he doesn't pay me my money."

While the FBI looked into possible attempts on Jackson's life, in an effort to protect the King of Pop, they also investigated Jackson twice for child molestation, but were never able to uncover enough evidence to build a case.

In 1993, the same year they arrested Jones, the FBI began monitoring Jackson for possible child molestation, after a member of the Los Angeles Police Department traveled to the Philippines to interview two former Jackson employees who alleged that they had seen him inappropriately touching young boys.

The FBI did not officially get involved until 2004, when Jackson was arrested for a separate instance of child molestation. They examined 16 computers owned by Jackson, but found nothing conclusive. "He was not a criminal and he was not a pedophile," Jackson's attorney stated at the time. "The fact that so many agencies investigated him and couldn't find anything proves he was completely innocent." The FBI was later called in to investigate an alleged child pornography videotape labeled 'Michael Jackson's Neverland Favorites an All Boy Anthology,' but they concluded that the tape was too blurry to make a positive identification.

We're impressed that the FBI spent all those years monitoring the King of Pop, yet turned up very few revelations.