Since Michael Jackson unexpected death in June of 2009, fans have only been treated to a few unreleased tracks from the late King of Pop. But soon, they'll be able to see what it was like to be in MJ's shoes. Ubisoft, which previously announced the release of a Michael Jackson video game, has unveiled some of the details about 'Michael Jackson: The Experience,' slated for release this November.

The game -- available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii and Nintendo DS -- features unique motion technology that projects an image of gamers onto the screen as they attempt to mimic Jackson's signature dance moves. 'Your goal is to dance like Michael,' says Ubisoft's Tony Key. 'Do what the guy on the screen is doing and you're there. It'll score you based on the quality of your performance.'

Players will also be able to test their mic skills on the Xbox, PS3 and Wii editions, where they can sing karaoke to some of MJ's greatest hits. The Nintendo DS and PSP versions will be akin to music video game Elite Beat Agents, where users tap out rhythms on their screens to keep the beat of the tune, and will include a series of mini-games and quizzes.

In addition to 'Michael Jackson: The Experience,' fans can also look forward to the release of two new albums of unreleased material, one featuring music from recording sessions in the '80s and another including songs created with producer Rodney Jerkins. Black Eyed Peas front man recently spoke out against the former release, stating that it's disrespectful to put out music that Jackson never intended for public consumption.