The King of Pop is once again the king of the Pop charts. A quick look at this past week's sales proves that Michael Jackson's status as a pop star is unparalleled.

Based on sales numbers from Nielsen SoundScan, Michael Jackson-related titles will take up the top 9 chart positions on Billboard's Top Pop Catalog Albums chart.

Of the top 10, Michael has a record 8, with 'Number Ones' taking the #1 spot, 'The Essential Michael Jackson' and 'Thriller' at #2 and #3, followed by 'Off the Wall' and the Jackson 5's 'The Ultimate Collection' rounding out the top 5.

The sales week ended Sunday evening, so the bulk of the sales likely occurred over a four day span. Before Jackson's death on Thursday, 'Number Ones' was the only title on the chart, standing at #20. Today, the only non-Jackson album in the top 10 is the 'Woodstock' movie' soundtrack, which sits at #10.

Michael's solo albums sold an incredible 415,000 copies this past week, compared to 10,000 the week before, and 297,000 the entire year leading up to the legendary pop star's tragic death.

Also, this marks the first time a catalog record has ever outsold the #1 current album on the Billboard top 200 charts, with 'Number ones' 'The Essential Michael Jackson' and 'Thriller' all outselling the Black Eyed Peas' 'The E.N.D.'

The last time this almost happened was when 'Thriller' was re-issued back in February of 2008. The King of Pop, you can't beat him.